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In the finacial sector and banking industry, you need to have knowledge and control of your assets, no matter what. You need to be more diligent than ever in the tracking and accountability of assets, and there’s a lot to lose.

Being Certain matters and is key, which is why Assetmark Africa should be your one 1 choice for financial tracking

Total financial services management solution

In this diverse and evolving business arena, your asset management requirements will change too. Our asset management solutions are easy to configure and offer unparalleled scalability. Meaning, you can create a bespoke asset management solution that perfectly suits the needs of your organisation.

The full knowledge, control and power of Assetmark Africa is at hand and accessible on any web-enabled device. Our smart phones, PDAs, tablets and laptops provide you with mobility and accessibility no matter where you are. So you can empower staff to rapidly and accurately capture data, view reports and complete audits, wherever they are.

Assetmark Africa application solutions suite are simple to use, with a beautiful and friendly user interface that makes it easy for users to find what they need, when they need it. The intuitive user experience means there is a reduced need for user training, regardless of your employees’ previous digital experience.

Our Solutions

Modular and scalable

Access anytime, anywhere

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