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One of the industries that relies on best practice asset management more is telecommunications industry. This is because the failure of a single device can potentially have an enormous impact on business continuity.

Having knowlegde and control of allyour tools is why Assetmark Africa should be your one 1 choice for telecommunications tracking

Total Telecommunications management solution

Maintain accountability for a wide range of assets, so that you can be certain at all times about who has what and where, with a complete audit trail of all movements and transfer of custody history. Not only can you track your assets, but you can ensure they are safe and maintained to meet your compliance requirements.

Set maintenance or inspection routines on critical equipment with automated work order distribution. Improve governance, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance with a full repair and maintenance history recorded.

Mitigate the risk of unexpected breakdowns with complete visibility over asset performance and maintenance. RFID or barcode technologies provide an automated approach to tracking any asset, eliminating the need for disconnected spreadsheets and manual form reporting. Save valuable time, and ensure all critical equipment is compliant, locatable and in the best possible working order.

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