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Keeping track of the physical location of all your small tools is difficult. You probably find yourself continually buying new tools and wondering where they all go. Sometimes they’re lying unused at a job site. Maybe one of your locations is hoarding them. Or someone could have “borrowed” them. Regardless, your employees probably aren’t as motivated to monitor your tools as you are.
Tools Tracking

Ensuring your tools are in safe working order can also be difficult. Some may require routine maintenance. Some may be subject to regulatory requirements that mandate frequent inspections and calibration. Maybe it’s time to purchase a new tool because the existing one has been repaired so many times it’s better to scrap it for a new one.

If you rely on pen and paper or a simple computer spreadsheet to track key information about your tools, you’re vulnerable to manual errors, inefficiencies, higher costs, and theft. That is why AssetMark tool and equipment tracking software is so vital, allowing you to track small tools, construction tools, and even track medical tools efficiently and easily.