Vehicle Tracking

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Whether you’re keeping the peace or delivering time-critical cargo, Assetmark Africa has a professional grade vehicle tracking solution for your fleet communications.

For over 15 years, Assetmark Africa has helped ensure that fleets like yours have the very best satellite based tracking and fleet management tools in the industry.

What you can achieve with our vehicle tracking


Through the Iridium constellation of low Earth-orbiting (LEO) satellites, tracking frequency can be set on SkyRouter, up to once every 15 seconds.


The server can communicate with the device and request a position report via the Ping function.

Quick Position

Pressing the Quick Position (QPOS) button triggers your device into distress-mode reporting, and will increase reporting frequency. Distress-mode reporting is fully configurable via SkyRouter.

Device-Side Geofences

Geofences can be stored on the device and will trigger conditional, geofence-based reporting as soon as one is entered.


Many devices support two-way messaging, allowing constant communication between you and your assets.

Remote Parameter Updates

Remotely update device parameters and trigger event-based situational or circumstantial reporting. Device parameters are fully configurable via SkyRouter.